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If you run a multi-author blog, it may be a good idea to require a featured image in all WordPress posts. This ensures that you and everyone uploads an image before hitting the “Publish” button, thus giving your posts a more vibrant and professional look. Continue reading »


6 Free Stock Photo WordPress Plugins

On 09/22/2014, in Money & Marketing, Reviews, by Elvis Michael
geralt / Pixabay

geralt / Pixabay

Looking for free WordPress stock photos? Your seemingly endless search is now over.

Unlike the late 90s, websites cannot survive without images these days. Pictures are used to capture the reader’s attention and provide greater detail to your articles. Continue reading »


List of WordPress Revenue Share Plugins

On 09/08/2014, in Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael


Split Ad Revenue with Users

Let’s face it, WordPress blogs are primarily made for single authors.

While multiple writers can actually register and freely publish articles, the popular CMS doesn’t offer extensive ways to satisfy users other than by providing a biography box and a byline. Continue reading »


How to Market Your Business Effectively

On 09/01/2014, in Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael


You may be asking yourself how to market your business…

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to be a highly educated college grad to help your business take off. More importantly, you don’t need deep pockets to ensure that your marketing strategies are effective and fully responsive.

The following are affordable ways to successfully market any given business. Continue reading »

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Dalomo / Pixabay

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on Epic Passive Income. But instead of making a long, drawn out article about it, I will get straight to the point as to why I have gone AWOL and what the future entails. Continue reading »


Ebook Earnings: February 2014

On 03/26/2014, in Ebooks, Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael

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It’s been a busy but very exciting 2014, to say the least. You can probably tell due to the lack of attention dedicated to Epic Passive Income as of late. Needless to say, I intend to get back into full time blogging here while also maintaining my newest project yet. Let’s take a brief look at some of the things I’ve been doing this past month or two. Continue reading »


Ebook Earnings: January 2014

On 02/15/2014, in Ebooks, Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael

Reflecting on the Past. Improving on the Present

I was thinking back to the day I first started publishing Kindle books, having completely forgotten it’s been almost 3 years now. Back in May 2011, the Kindle marketplace was far different than what it is today. Amazon still seemed to have a weak infrastructure and algorhythm in place, which led many of us to wrongfully believe we could publish just about anything – regardless of quality. Continue reading »