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I’ll be honest…

I stopped caring about organic traffic some time ago (for the most part, at least).

For starters, as awesome as “Google traffic” is, dealing with hardcore SEO can be a pain. Continue reading »


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Hey guys, Elvis here bringing you another post – one that will hopefully help you generate quick, almost-instant traffic to your website.

With a bit of luck and a kick-ass strategy, you should be able to easily leverage your followers and soon build some great, long-lasting relationships. Continue reading »

Feature a WordPress Post Image

I recently covered a way to automatically “require” a WordPress Featured Image. This article deals with a similar task, as it grabs a picture directly from your post body (if it finds one) and adds it as a Featured Image automatically. Continue reading »


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If you run a multi-author blog, it may be a good idea to require a featured image in all WordPress posts. This ensures that you and everyone uploads an image before hitting the “Publish” button, thus giving your posts a more vibrant and professional look. Continue reading »


6 Free Stock Photo WordPress Plugins

On 09/22/2014, in Money & Marketing, Reviews, by Elvis Michael
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geralt / Pixabay

Looking for free WordPress stock photos? Your seemingly endless search is now over.

Unlike the late 90s, websites cannot survive without images these days. Pictures are used to capture the reader’s attention and provide greater detail to your articles. Continue reading »


List of WordPress Revenue Share Plugins

On 09/08/2014, in Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael


Split Ad Revenue with Users

Let’s face it, WordPress blogs are primarily made for single authors.

While multiple writers can actually register and freely publish articles, the popular CMS doesn’t offer extensive ways to satisfy users other than by providing a biography box and a byline. Continue reading »