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Dear EPI reader,

My name is Elvis, and today I am offering a simple, friendly and intuitive course packed with 10 tips and tactics that will undoubtedly increase your monthly book sales. I purposely kept this entire course incredibly short and simple, ensuring it remains to the point and gets the message across.

What Can I Bring to the Table?


These methods have greatly helped some of my closest people, pushing them to earn thousands of dollars over time. My own dad, for example, enjoys a handsome monthly check from several short books he can actually count with one hand.

Take a look at a dear friend whose monthly income reports appear on this website quite frequently. She has consistently surpassed the $1,000 mark and her best entry has occasionally sold over 2,000 copies in a single month.

My own ebook income continues to increase simply by following the techniques disclosed in this simple, easy-to-digest report. While I focus primary on erotica, you can always apply these methods to every existing genre!

Whether you’re brand new to book publishing or an accomplished veteran, there’s always something new to learn. This course is highly recommended as it helps you spread your wings and tap into new markets and intuitive ideas.

My Entire Report Consists of Three Guides:


Ebook Publishing Simplified (Beginners Guide): Teaches you how to publish your very first book without adding unnecessary fluff. It skips any and all advanced formatting features such as table of contents and indentation. This guide is intended for beginners who have always felt curious or overwhelmed, helping you publish that first book.

Extreme Tips Pt.1: Five crazy strategies covering subjects such as:


greencheckUsing the Power of Amazon Search

greencheckMaking More Money from Books without Writing a Single Extra Word

greencheckObtaining Great Reviews… FAST

greencheckPromoting Books Within Your Content Like a Ninja

greencheckAmazing Technique for Ranking Your Best Book

Extreme Tips Pt. 2: Even MORE tips to skyrocket book sales, including:


greencheckRetaining Readership through an Author Blog

greencheckCreating a Responsive List

greencheckRelying on Followers to Deliver the Best Book Yet

greencheckWriting About Fictional Characters You Grew Up With (HOT)

greencheckExploring Other Markets (BLAZING)

But Wait, There’s Still More…


redcheckI disclose various screenshots and case studies to emphasize my methods and motivate you to dominate your chosen market

redcheckI reveal helpful ninja tips and potential warning signs to help you maximize your potential.

redcheckI invite people who focus on certain genres to provide me with their book URL. Your work is then promoted to my newsletter of over 300 readers, a list that grows everyday.

How Far Are You Willing To Go?


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Q: I signed up, but never received anything!

A: Please allow several minutes for any and all emails to reach your inbox. Also, make sure your email client isn’t sending them to the main Spam folder.

Q: Is this entire course free?

A: Yes it is!

Q: Do I need to invest more money to apply the tips in this course?

A: This course consists of various independent techniques that are not interlinked to one another. As a result, some of these tips may require external/3rd party assistance if you lack the skills required to implement them.

Q: Is there really anything I haven’t yet heard of?

A: The Internet is full of information, so who knows? Perhaps you have heard and/or applied some of these tactics. But even so, you are bound to find something here that suits your needs and teaches you something new. Guaranteed!

Q: Is this course guaranteed to make me rich quick?

A: Absolutely not. The first guide is strictly intended for beginners. The remaining ones are intended to help increase your book sales gradually, allowing you to achieve passive income rather steadily.

Q: Wait, I have more questions. Who should I contact?

A: If you have any questions at any point in time, don’t hesitate to reach me via the main Contact form. Don’t worry, I don’t bite.

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