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My Ebook Income Report for 2011-2012

Pie chart

This article mainly talks about my average earnings publishing ebooks on places like Amazon for the years 2011 and 2012. I hope this helps others who are still on the fence about writing and publishing your first ebook. If you…
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How to Rank EBooks for Any Keyword

If you’re not familiar with basic ranking methods, it involves researching a popular keyword or phrase, then maximizing the odds that your content would show up among the first results when people search for said keyword. While many people are…
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A Word on Average EBook Earnings

For anyone who’s been following my average monthly amounts (as well as my friends, whose earnings I also post), I simply wanted you to know they have remained around the same. These amounts range from $250 to $400+, depending on…
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Quick Ways to Create eBook Covers

It is no surprise that a book must always contain an excellent cover to deliver a good first impression. When a user browses an ebook store, one thing will immediately grab his attention: The cover art itself and its artistic…
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My Nook Earnings: March 2012

nook March 2012

March wasn’t all that impressive here. Right now, my Nook account earns a minimum amount compared to the 3-digit numbers I consistently see on Amazon. Then again, I haven’t published anything new in a while, and that goes for both…
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A Friend’s Nook Earnings: March 2012

Let’s talk awesomeness. Back in February, my never-ending financially-strapped friend made her first $100 on the Nook, which was roughly a $95 profit from her previous month. We added about 5 new entries to her Pubit account, which mostly consisted…
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My Kindle Earnings: February 2012

My ebook earnings have, as expected, decreased from last month. After a small incident with Amazon, i felt the need to remove some of my books from the good old shelf, some of which earned me well over $50 per…
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A Friend’s Kindle Earnings: February 2012

Seems like the good old friend here is going up up up. I had the pleasure to experience this type of feeling with my own earnings up until this month. As I put my own journey on hold and had…
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My Nook Earnings: February 2012

My Nook earnings have not been that impressive. My Kindle earnings have NOT been very impressive either. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to earn a somewhat decent living from ebooks, which are providing a way to work from home…
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