My Ebook Income Report for 2011-2012

On 12/31/2012, in Ebooks, Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael

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This article mainly talks about my average earnings publishing ebooks on places like Amazon for the years 2011 and 2012. I hope this helps others who are still on the fence about writing and publishing your first ebook. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I will surely answer you as soon as possible.

How it All Started

My hunt for online cash started in 2007 when I joined the eHow WCP program. Those were the good old days when practically any article shot up to the first pages of Google without little to no effort. Eventually I became a part of Demand Media Studios and earned a substantial monthly amount there as well. Over time, sadly, Demand Media Studios got tough. Titles began to dwindle and so did my earnings. I was still earning a nice income that usually surpassed the $1,100 mark, but nevertheless I was still noticing a steady drop, overall. You see, DMS was my primary source of income, since eHow had closed their WCP program around April 2010, and my AdSense earnings were not that great. As my world was crashing down, my work-at-home lifestyle was threatened. That’s when I started to look into other venues… some conventional, others not so conventional. Continue reading »

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How to Rank EBooks for Any Keyword

On 12/13/2012, in Ebooks, Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael

passive income ideasIf you’re not familiar with basic ranking methods, it involves researching a popular keyword or phrase, then maximizing the odds that your content would show up among the first results when people search for said keyword. While many people are familiar with this to an extent, it can be difficult to actually pull it off. After all, competition these days is fierce, which means you’re not the only person trying to “win” any given keyword.

Today I will talk about maximizing your Amazon ebooks internally within In other words, I won’t go into external keyword research or backlinking of any kind.

Making Money Through Keywords

Once you choose a genre for your ebook, go to and punch in a single letter (character) into the website’s search field. This single character must be related to your niche/topic/genre. For example, if your book is related to video games, ensure that your search is ultimately geared toward said subject. You will see a broad list of potential terms show up as suggestions. These phrases are actually popular terms that people use frequently on the site to find what they’re looking for. With that information, now go ahead and type a few more letters into the search field to narrow down the list of suggestions.

As a result, you will now notice several popular terms: Write them down, with the first result being the most important. Continue reading »

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A Word on Average EBook Earnings

On 07/01/2012, in Ebooks, Money & Marketing, by Elvis Michael

For anyone who’s been following my average monthly amounts (as well as my friends, whose earnings I also post), I simply wanted you to know they have remained around the same. These amounts range from $250 to $400+, depending on the month. As a result, I will keep updating you with income reports as more significant changes occur. Also, the information will be more condensed (our income figures) to help you digest the content more easily.

As always, i’d like to hear about other authors and their stories– whether good or bad.

* How have your ebook journey treated you?

* What have you learned from your publishing experience?

* What works? What doesn’t?

Feel free to shoot me an email via the Contact page or simply comment away!

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Quick Ways to Create eBook Covers

On 06/04/2012, in Ebooks, by Elvis Michael

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It is no surprise that a book must always contain an excellent cover to deliver a good first impression. When a user browses an ebook store, one thing will immediately grab his attention: The cover art itself and its artistic style. Aside from the book’s description, the cover image is worth a thousand words. This is practically publishing 101, and it’s something every new publisher should always keep in mind. But guess what? A book’s cover doesn’t always have to present state-of-the-art graphics or an elaborate style. Even though this seemingly contradicts what I said above, the fact is that a “good” cover image is simply any art style that fits your book. That simple. Whether your book has a beautifully-rendered landscape or simply a dark background with white font, it’s considered a masterpiece as long as it effectively delivers the message to the reader.

That said, you have plenty of options for creating a book’s cover image easily without having to learn advanced Photoshop techniques or spending tons of cash.

Visit professional photo hosting websites such as Fotolia, iStockPhoto and Dreamstime. You can purchase beautiful pictures with a license to use them on your works for roughly $1.25 a piece. As far as the font goes, you may even use Microsoft Paint depending on the cover image. For example, if you search the aforementioned sites for “Isolated” images, you will find a lot of people/objects on white or dark backgrounds. In such cases, it is perfectly fine to rely on a simplistic font that fits the image properly, including Times New Roman, Arial or other. Continue reading »

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This post is a bit of an opinion, rather than a proven fact. Over time, I have published several books under many different categories just to test the waters. While some of them have failed me miserably (or should I say, I failed them) other topics have turned out to be real winners. From my personal experience, these are the hottest categories the Amazon Kindle has to offer:

Recipes: Nowadays, the internet is full of recipe websites. Whether you go to or, you will surely find exactly what you’re looking for to prepare a delicious meal. So why does this niche sell so well on Amazon? Countless authors around the Web can readily tell you that recipes are always a winning market. I also published two recipe books a few months ago and have witnessed some decent sales. Nothing spectacular, but they have consistently brought in some dough despite being over four months old. It seems that people much rather have a recipe in hand while being active in the kitchen, which is something an e-Reader easily provides. It makes perfect sense, as people wouldn’t want to run back and forth from the kitchen to the computer in case they forgot an ingredient. Nor do they want to write everything down. Why should they? Continue reading »

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My Nook Earnings: March 2012

On 04/05/2012, in Ebooks, by Elvis Michael

March wasn’t all that impressive here. Right now, my Nook account earns a minimum amount compared to the 3-digit numbers I consistently see on Amazon. Then again, I haven’t published anything new in a while, and that goes for both the KDP and the Pubit platform.

One thing that I always notice is that some books tend to sell more than others. There’s a particular ebook that sells several dozen copies on Amazon as well as on the Nook. Likewise, I have some other books that have been a complete failure on both platforms. My guess is that these books’ covers or titles are not highly impressive, as they’re already in a somewhat successful niche. I’ll keep an eye on them and ultimately change their titles and cover image, if need be.

nook March 2012

My goal for the next couple of months is to earn at least $100 from the Nook, and finally surpass the $1,000 mark on the Kindle. How are you doing on the Nook as compared to your Amazon sales?

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A Friend’s Nook Earnings: March 2012

On 04/01/2012, in Ebooks, by Elvis Michael

Let’s talk awesomeness.

Back in February, my never-ending financially-strapped friend made her first $100 on the Nook, which was roughly a $95 profit from her previous month.

We added about 5 new entries to her Pubit account, which mostly consisted of kitchen-related books (coffee, recipes, etc). To our pleasant surprise, she went from $100 to $185, which is a welcome chunk of change to have on top of her regular Kindle income.

Friend nook march

Now, here’s our concern. As we keep diversifying, we have temporarily put publishing on hold. As a result, we’re expecting to see a similar amount in April on both the Kindle and the Nook platforms. We had been witnessing our earnings increase every single month, and it’s been fun. Seeing these earnings stall around the same numbers will be a real shame, but at least we are doing something no one should pass up, and that is diversification.

As stated in previous posts, we hope to resume publishing at full force pretty soon. Best of luck to all with your ebook journey, and I hope 2012 continues to be a successful year for everyone.

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