3 Reasons Content Marketing is the Future of Online Marketing

Online marketing is ever-evolving. Nowadays, the rave is content marketing. Have you ever wondered what value content marketing can bring to the table? Members of the C-suite are still skeptical mainly because they think the ROI is somewhat immeasurable. Little did they know that content marketing can actually lead to more value and benefits in the nearest future.

Below are the reasons content marketing is the future of online marketing.

Content Marketing

1) Storytelling

Judging the extent of interaction with social media, marketing in the future will be more inclusive and permissive. One way to do this through telling stories that are often more effective than displaying ads. Stories are not necessarily about your brand, products, services, and employees, but could be anything about those that highlight the needs of your target audience.

Published stories are contents that require an initial investment, allowing any company that uses this strategy to leverage its marketing budget. Experts say that targeted custom contents can drive up to three leads for every dollar spent. Now that’s the ROI that the skeptics tend to overlook.

Further, everything that a business does offline is mirrored online. When done right, this type of content will keep your brand relevant for the years to come. As such, the success of brands in the future will greatly depend on how they interact with their prospects, customers, and the general public.

2) Stimulation

Engagement is a necessity for online businesses. Aside from stories that encourage all sorts of emotions, stimulating contents can also lead to actions and thus, relationships. No business thrives without sustainable customer relationships now. What more for the future?

You may use power words to reach and relate to your audience. Likewise, you may couple the text with visuals such as images, gifs, videos, infographics, etc. The highest forms of engagement usually sprung from the use of eye-opening visuals. This is particularly true for contents with high virality potential. The act of attaching an appropriate image increases content viewership by up to 94%.

Did you know that articles with images get 94% more views?

Through visual-driven contents, you can possibly highlight the creativity of your people as well as boost the awareness of the people about the brand and everything else that it embodies. Visual contents convert too because 55% of consumers who read custom contents also buy from the content provider.

3) Sociability

With minimal investment but with relatively high returns, content can be promoted in social media. Facebook alone, with its more than 1.5 billion active users monthly and growing, has a dedicated feature for businesses. You just need to create a page, build a community around your brand (if you haven’t done so) and share relevant and useful contents to the community members.

Did you know that five profiles are created in Facebook every second? Yes, you read it right – every five seconds! Everyone seems to have an account on social media. That’s a big chunk of market share to capture. Content marketing allows a business to generate inbound traffic from social sites through relevant information.

Doing business on social media is thus a scalable process that leads to higher impressions and CTRs (click-through rates). Contents usually aim to address a need or a problem, improve the lives of the people or simply entertain. When the users arrive at your site, they are better informed not just about your brand but also about the values you uphold, interests you value and advocacies that interest your people.

In a world with businesses that constantly look for ways to minimize the cost and maximize the return, content marketing is the key. Put simply, content marketing is the future of online marketing because contents can tell stories, encourage actions and connect with the people. Not only that, contents can lead to conversions while keeping the marketing costs at a minimum.