EBook Earnings: July 2013

Hey everyone, how’s your overall Kindling experience going so far this year?

Just as the whole book publishing business was starting to get stale, Amazon surprised us once again by introducing Kindle Worlds, as most of you know by know. I have always been intrigued by words and the very idea of fan fiction. People who put their time and effort into such thing typically do it for the mere love of it, and rarely ever get paid. But if Amazon is looking to pay us for such a “hobby,” well, why not jump on the bandwagon?

I was recently speaking to a friend about it and he seems to like the idea. But sadly, he doesn’t know the first thing about these Worlds or any of the characters involved in each show.

So this is the reason I randomly brought up Amazon’s newest writing opportunity; it’s intriguing by all means, but it’s also something not to jump into unless you truly have a passion for the TV show you’re currently writing about.

I am fairly familiar with The Vampire Diaries, one of the shows currently supported under Kindle Worlds. My only issue right now is the fear of failure or not being able to deliver what fans truly want out of Hollywood-based stories. So, that being said, I am currently working on various projects (both mine and a friend’s) but can’t wait to dig into Kindle Worlds sometime later this year, if time permits.

Anyway, let’s talk a bit about money now, shall we?

My Income Report:

Amazon Net Units Sold: 1,697

B&N Net Units Sold: 318

Total: 2,015

Total Income (Approximate) $860

What’s New?

About a month or so ago, I finally (and randomly) decided to try a quick children’s book after reading a decent WSO sold by LilaJade over on the Warrior Forum. While it didn’t produce the results I expected, I will continue to apply her methods and strategies in an effort to expand my genres a bit. As of now, it brings me an average of $7 per month, which is better than nothing considering it contains less than 1,500 words. Anyway, check out her report if you can, as it covers a fair share of techniques within this supposedly untapped niche.

Aside from this, I am also writing and proof reading an erotic trilogy that my friend and I have been working on. I plan on marketing these books as best I can and post our results in due time.

As far as my usual erotic short stories go, I have only published 2 of them in August for now. It’s a bit tough to multi-task between different projects simultaneously.

Meanwhile, feel free to comment below if you guys have any questions about anything. Yes, even about Twinkies.


  1. I have seen your sales figures above and I’m trying to get a feel for the work you have put into this venture.

    I assume your sales net results are per month ? ie. You sold 1697 this month on the kindle at 318 on B&N.

    And your total income for the month was approx. $830 ? or is that for the year ?

    Just out of curiosity how many books do you have published for those sales figures? As it would be interesting to know your sales per book ratio as a monthly tally.

    Thanks for the blog its quite interesting.

  2. Hey, Paul!
    Yeah, every time I publish an “earnings” post is always showing my monthly income, as opposed to my yearly income.

    The average appears to be somewhere between $700 to $850 right now, although these sales are likely to decline (albeit slowly) unless I keep publishing new stories.

    Right now I have a total of 45 short stories published. Now, not all publications comprise of a standalone story (not every book is a unique tale.) For every 10th unique book I have, I also make 3 different compilations: One bundle consisting of 3 existing stories, another bundle consisting of 5, and then a bundle of 10. I have also published bigger bundles using the total amount of books.

    This is the beauty about publishing bundles; it allows you to increase your earnings while NOT having to write anything new. Just copy/paste a bunch of related stories into one long Microsoft Word document — and publish it as one single book.

    Hope this helps!


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