List of Writing Websites that Pay Upfront

List of Pay Per Article Websites

Do you want to get paid to write? The following are “Write for Us” websites that pay upfront in the event you need immediate cash.

Many freelancers and bloggers have come to love passive income. Unfortunately, sometimes this income stream is slow and unpredictable, thus it may not be enough when compared to writing websites that pay upfront.

The following per article websites allow you to write for upfront payments and receive your cash much faster. Most of these writing sites pay weekly via PayPal.

And while writing guest posts is always a great thing, sometimes we need to compose articles for immediate payment instead.

Warning: Use this list only as a starting point and perform further research before proceeding.
I’m not necessarily too familiar with all of them, as this is merely a list.

List of Writing Websites

Payment: Up to 4 cents per word, and more from clients is the ultimate place for remote writing jobs. It’s also great for bloggers and other freelancers looking to supplement their income.

– Claim some paid articles (like Demand Media and TextBroker)
– Access to over 10,000 external writing jobs, nicely syndicated from all over the web
– Access over 600 writers markets – many of them pay $500 or more per article
– Ability to publish your new or previously-published articles
– You may include self-serving links
– Your article is exposed to thousands of monthly visitors

Listiller is maintained by myself and some awesome contributors. Highly recommended, overall.

nDash is an excellent source to find freelance writing jobs. Once logged in, you have the option to claim paid assignments or connect with high-profile brands. Simply pitch them your idea, discuss your terms (payment, word count, etc) and publish away!

BoostContent is comparable to TextBroker (writers can pick from a pool of assignments) but they tend to pay a higher amount, according to my brief research — which is great news. Also, this is a good place for non-English speakers since they are active in over 20 languages. You may also use the platform to buy articles as a client.

Payment: $50+ via PayPal

RankPay looks for articles on SEO, social media and other content marketing subjects. They require a minimum of 1,500 words, along with other standard post features such as images, verified facts and proper attribution. Perfect for experienced marketers familiar with copywriting and online success. Read their full guidelines here.

Payment: $50

Freelance writing websites that pay this much are hard to find. This one is very similar to ListVerse, as your job is to come up with fun and entertaining lists. The guidelines for this one seem a bit more relaxed, which is always welcome. They pay $50 per accepted list!

Payment: $24.50+; varies

Once you sign up, Scripted provides you with many different sections or categories, all of which are full of articles you can claim and write. The catch is that you must first apply to each section of interest, as they are not normally available right off the bat. At the time of this writing, I have noticed that payment goes all the way up to $24.50 for a 400-word article. This payment is very similar to the likes of, so it’s a nice source of income for those who need to pay some bills fast.


Payment: $30 minimum; varies

This fantastic website focuses on WordPress-related articles, giving you a chance to show off your tech skills and help thousands of aspiring website owners. Cover topics such as WordPress tips, extensive tutorials and anything related to the popular CMS. Payment is roughly $30 to $100 for an article of no less than 1,200 words. Please email the editor first to see if all positions have been filled. Thanks, Ansh!

Payment: $35 for 500 words

This article website looks for health & fitness writers to write about weight loss strategies, fitness tips and everything related. Payment is said to start at $35 per 500 words. This source may not always be accepting writers, so check back often.

Payment: Up to $60; varies

A website/magazine dedicated to writers, and it’s a good place for freelance writing jobs. They need tips and useful advice on how to make money via writing, self-publishing and anything related.

Payment: $1 to $25+; varies

Pay per article websites like this one are always good to check out. Claim a title from a large pool of assignments. These range from computing to finance to gaming and more. Payment varies by article, but it usually ranges from $3 to $8 on average.

Payment: $1 to $25+; varies

Similar to TextBroker in every way, shape and form.

Payment: Writers $11.50 to $25; Editors $4+; varies

Demand Studios is a very reliable source where you get paid to write. Most people know about this one, but it’s always worth mentioning as they are always offering new articles for upfront payment. The pool of available assignments is not as big as it once was, but you can still find a few gems that will surely pay a bill or two. Pays on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Payment: Varies

This is a promising website with a similar look and feel to the original Fiverr. It’s primarily dedicated to writing, editing, illustration and research services. You can charge as much or as little as you want, thus providing an excellent opportunity to make good money!

Payment: $3 to $3.30 per 200 words

Another website where you write for clients, earning varying amounts depending on skill level and word count. Articles are typically short and pay around $3.00 or so per 200 words, which could be fun if you’re actually not into writing overly-long pieces.

Payment: $2.43 to $25+; varies

iWriter is very similar to TextBroker in regards to claiming titles from a pool of assignments. Writers are divided into three main categories, with the lowest one paying around $2.43 for roughly 500 words. Advance to a more ‘Elite’ status by completing a number of assignments and achieving high ratings. The higher you move up, the more you get paid ‘ receiving even $24 or so per assignment. These guys don’t offer high-paying writing gigs, but feel free to check them out nevertheless.

Payment: $7 to $15

Websites that pay this range are fairly common, but useful nevertheless. Write research papers, essays and other academic works for students and professionals. Payment typically starts around $7 and goes all the way up to $15.

Payment: $20+; varies

Decent pay per article site that sometimes lacks articles, but overall fairly reliable. Payment to writers goes very high ($20+) depending on skill level.

Payment: $10 to $25+; varies

Earn anywhere from $10 to $25 per hour depending on skill level. Nice source to keep in mind when in need of immediate cash.

Payment: Approx. $15

Nice and varied platform for writers. Payment is sent out weekly via PayPal or check.

Payment: $1 to $40+; varies

Write tips and tutorials on musical instruments. Clearly not for everyone, but if you’ve got the skills, then why not get paid for your knowledge?

Payment: Appox. $5 to $10

Pay per article website similar to TextBroker in some ways. Jobs are assigned to you depending on your profile information and listed job skills. The site keeps 30% of the money from the client while you receive the rest. Payment varies, but you can expect anything from $5 to $8 on average.

Payment: Writers $3; Editors .50; Title Creators/Editors 0.02;

Get paid to write articles, edit and compose engaging titles. You must write at least 500 words and payment goes out weekly. This information is directly quoted from their website:

Payment: $25

This could be an excellent income opportunity for those needing some cash this month. Write quick articles or “posts” consisting of roughly 200 words, then get paid one or two cents per each view, Like, or comment you receive. This article provides more information on how to make money with BubbleWS.

Payment: 7 to 20 cents

Websites that pay for reviews are far and few in between. This one pays for reviewing and talking about music tracks. The process is actually quite simple: Play a random song from the site’s built-in media player, and write a quick review noting the track’s quality and any other features. The feedback you provide can be good or bad, and only requires around 60 to 70 words. Considering you can write one review roughly every two minutes, though, the amount of cash isn’t so bad if you’re desperate.

Payment: Unknown/varies

This site starts you off writing blog posts and related entries for free. You start with a default score and your goal is to raise it to a certain level. Once reached, you can write articles and qualify for upfront payments. Many articles here are easy and short, thus allowing you to raise your score relatively fast.

Payment: Varies; set by user

Write articles and get paid upfront. Similar to Constant Content, where you post articles for sale at your own prices. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of commotion here right now. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, though, as you could potentially become a leader with little competitors.

Payment: Varies

Produce a variety of blog posts for clients and get paid, but ONLY if they accept your article. Sounds fair enough. Nice place to build authority, reputation, and hopefully a long-term client. Highly recommended overall.

Payment: Approx. $Unknown+

Decent pay per article website, overall. Minimum word count is unknown. I applied to this site a short while ago, but have not heard back from them. Nevertheless, I suggest you apply and play the waiting game as you have nothing to lose.

Payment: Unknown

At the time of this writing, this site has been a minor pain. I signed up but they wouldn’t recognize my credentials. Not even after a password reset. However, go ahead and sign up anyway, hopefully it will be fixed by the time you do so.

Payment: Unknown

Not accepting writers as of this writing. However, sign up to their waiting list and you could be earning a decent amount of cash from them in the future.

Payment: $10 to $14

Excellent pay per article website, although a bit tough to get accepted due to some strict requirements. Submit about 3 text assignments in order to qualify, which are supervised by senior editors. If not accepted, you will still get paid for those initial articles.

Payment: $5; varies

Not the greatest to get paid to write, with some long waiting periods from time to time. Payment varies by assignment. Still, you can apply now and receive payment every month per accepted article.

Payment: Varies

Do you have a popular blog? Do you enjoy writing product reviews? ReviewMe allows blog owners to review clients’ products and get paid varying amounts of cash every month.

Payment: $2.8 per 100 words (US); $1.8 per 100 words (foreign)

Typical among websites that pay writers, yet reliable enough. This website pays writers to compose a wide variety of articles for different clients.

Bonus: Check out these websites like Textbroker for additional writing opportunities.

Have a Pay per Article Website to Share?

This “Write for Us” list is constantly updated, adding new writing websites that pay upfront and more.

With top choices like and, you should be good to go as a blogger or writer for a very long time.

Also, if you can add other upfront-payment sites to this list, let me know and I’d be happy to include it. You will receive full credit with a link back to your website as well.


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  13. Great list! I will definitely check out most of these sites. By the way, since you mentioned ListVerse and Toptenz, you guys might also like to check out,, Matador Network, or They also pay for articles. For those who are interested to join sites like (and better than) Bubblews, you can see a list here: (it’s not a scam, really).

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