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How to Find Your Writing Voice – By Ryan Biddulph

Bloggers: Are you struggling to find your writing voice? Are you in constant fear of criticism? Do you spend too much time rephrasing, deleting, replacing, and over-thinking every sentence?

This sickening habit is holding you back, and potentially losing you thousands of dollars over the years. This gem shows you how to let go of these crippling fears and unleash your true self for addictive, supercharged (and super fun to read) blog posts.

Book Publishing:– Find out how many copies any given Amazon books has sold the past three months, its current rank and much more. Great analysis tool for indie publishers of all genres.– Analyze grammar, word choice, receive minor suggestions and more. Online service with no need to download and install!– Convert your files to many different formats. Supported files include Doc, HTML, ODT, Mobi, Lit, and more.– Collaborate with fellow writers and create fantastic fiction stories. Also connect with targeted readers to build a strong fan base.

Research & Marketing:

SEOQuake– Measure a website’s stats including PR, SERP, age, number of backlinks, WHOIS data, sitemap availability and much more. Great for measuring your competitor’s strength.– Manage all popular social media websites from one central location. Post updates and review conversations on the fly.– Analyze your site and your competitor’s. See which links point to each and find out which ones are bringing the most juice.

Google Alerts– Get notified when any desired phrase is published online. Great tool for research.