1. 01123581321345589144
    04/06/2013 @ 4:03 PM

    So is “erotica” essentially literary porn? I don’t mean that in a crude way, I’m honestly just a bit frightened to google it, but I want to understand what your methods are and what exactly you’re killing at.

    Congrats on all your success man! I’m on Warrior BTW, that’s how I found your site here. The whole ebook market is interesting. I might explore myself though I’m a bit, I don’t know, cautious when it comes to erotica.

  2. Elvis
    04/07/2013 @ 8:39 PM

    Hey there…
    This is a golden question, and is one with endless answers — as you can probably imagine. The answer is very subjective depending on whom you ask.

    In MY own eyes, erotica can be compared to porn only if you don’t leave anything steamy to the imagination. Everything is practically laid out for you and its only intent and purpose is to turn on the reader. Literary porn has little regard for emotional development and intriguing characteristics among the people involved. Think of it as being straight forward, with the simple purpose of giving you that temporary pleasure or raising your heart beat while you read.

    If you dedicate the time to develop your characters and make the reader connect with them, your erotica story has a good chance of not being merely literary porn. This is especially true if you include certain artistic ways of expressing every scene, especially the steamy ones. In this case, psychological arousal is just as important as its physical counterpart.

    When it comes to my own personal methods, I prefer to write literary porn. I purposely keep my stories short and simplistic, with just enough character development for you to know what a person’s current situation is like. Aside from that, the stories jump to gory scenes and don’t bother to leave much to the imagination. I do write romantic stories, occasionally (stories with more emotional backgrounds) but for the most part, I write literary porn.

    And DO jump into the ebook market, as you can write virtually about anything besides erotica/romance.

    I hope that helps!