Top 10 Internet Marketing Forums

If you’re self-employed or have ever thought of making money online, then this list of top internet marketing forums may be just what you need. In fact, chances are you’re already into some form of marketing – whether it’s affiliate, via email, or through good old SEO. And chances are that you’ve already honed your skills through top internet marketing blogs and several forums.

Personally, most of the things I know today have derived from these places, and I will be forever grateful. Granted, you can certainly find a lot of scammers and shady bastards if you’re not careful. However, the good news is that it only takes some common sense to learn the ropes and take advice only from the most legit folks.

So why limit your knowledge base? For that reason, you owe it to yourself to visit the top 10 internet marketing forums on the planet.

Attention: If you plan to post on these forums regularly, I personally suggest you rely on a service like, my personal favorite when it comes to all things grammar. These guys also have an excellent plagiarism tool (useful when submitting lengthy posts to multiple forums, for example).

Highly recommended if you want to be taken more seriously on these online communities.

Alright, let’s get started. One of the most active internet marketing forums since the 90s, this gem really makes me wish I had known it much sooner. This is a very active community with many free and paid reports, money-making advice and much more. I’ve always viewed this one as a direct Warrior Forum competitor, although some “warriors” may be inclined to disagree. In any case, it offers everything you might expect ranging from amazing tips, SEO techniques, free/paid marketing services and more. Another popular contender focusing on affiliate marketing, SEO discussion and more. Excellent source of knowledge and, well, freebies. This is the type of place where anything goes, as both legitimate and blackhat tutorials are widely accepted. Another great internet marketing forum to keep an eye on. The community is very supportive, covering topics about the latest SEO tips, affiliate marketing case studies and much more. This one doesn’t get the credit and attention it deserves, in my opinion. Many users have found it while searching for pirated products, so it has probably gained a bit of a shady reputation. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing and very helpful community ready to provide both whitehat and blackhat techniques with the world. The V7 Network is a godsend. Web development, business, marketing, an active marketplace – you will find it all here. Any aspiring and prominent entrepreneur should swing by and check this one out.

eWealth: Aside from the very attractive domain name, eWealth offers an overwhelming amount of affiliate services, top-notch marketing advice and tips on everything in between. With over 200,000 members and growing, this internet marketing forum is a must-have for those looking to evolve as a Web 2.0 guru. This one is mostly geared toward affiliate marketing. But hey, we all know this is where the real money is, especially if you combine it with proven list building tactics.

Code of Conduct & General Tips:

Read the rules: This one is pretty damn self-explanatory.

Be respectful: Don’t start a flaming war just because you disagree with a fellow holier-than-thou member.

Use the Search function: That is, before asking something that’s been covered to death.

Be yourself: People join these forums not only to gain knowledge, but also to gain a reputation. Make sure yours isn’t a bad one.

Help and support: Selflessness is your best weapon here, so go and give a fellow marketer some pointers.

Use that signature: Make a kick-ass signature to drive some self-serving traffic to your own website, but only after you follow all of the above.

I highly recommend you join this list of top internet marketing forums to keep expanding that brain of yours. Be careful, though, as the last thing you need is information overload. Now go get ‘em, Noob!


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    I think this forum list is useful and helpful about learning affiliate marketing. I am grateful for your valuable forum list.Thanks.

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    After years of hard work, I’ve now decided to make my own community.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this 10 links,I search on google and got your site in 3 possition then i visit and got that list.I joined all forum i think it will very help for build community and learn something new.
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  6. Thank you Elvis for this beautiful and honest recommendation.
    I am an active member of digital point and Waaarior forum and I have mixed experience there.
    I think forums are losing their value. Spending time on Q&A Sites such as Quora and Stack Overflow is better choice.

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